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Simple and Effective Safety Polices & Procedures

Workplace SafetyAre you choosing to take the gamble that could lose you everything? An accident in the workplace will certainly mean increased work coverage premiums, and loss of productivty while training a new employee but, if a prosecution is pursued, the cost could be hundreds of thousands! Every employer has the requirement to protect the health and safety of their workers by Occupational Health and Safety Law.

Unless you have a dedicated full-time safety department, complying with Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) requirements can present a huge challenge to your business. With the implementation of the new Work Health and Safety Laws, and Summary Offense Ticketing, occupational health and safety compliance has become an important focus for many companies.

Hest Safety Consulting provides you with the highest level of professional safety services and customer care including helping you understand and comply with applicable laws, implementing necessary safety policies and procedures, and hazard assessments and safety training to assist your company in meeting safety legislation.

Contact our supportive and experienced team today so you can establish simple and effective safety management systems.

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